How to Drink The Blue Energy Blend

How to Drink The Blue Energy Blend

Our recommendations of using the product

In ordet to maximize the potential and effectiveness of this energy drink, it is recommended to drink it mixed with 500 ml of water.


Drinking at the beginning of a school day or work day is highly recommended.

You can drink it on an empty stomach, it is a bland made from herbal extract and its gut only a positiv side effects such as Alertness, concentration, vitality and healthy energy.

It is highly recommended for Athletes, Body Builders, Cyclists, distance runners, people who deal with strenuous sports, extreme sports, etc..

Just mix the powder with 500 ml water and grow stronger

This BLUE Energy Drink is great for pool parties

The product is a food supplement made from herbal extract. Before you use it, consult with your doctor.
This is not a prescription drug and / or medicine in general. For further questions please contact us directly: All rights reserved to the product manufacturer company - Copyright ©2007 - ©2016 bHIP Global -

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